Tantrum Thusday

So today is Tantrum Thursday…. what can I ‘throw a tantrum about today’???  Let’s look at the list!  ha ha ha ha  No, seriously, I want to talk about impatience.   I know that we are all in a hurry; I know that we are all running late; and I know that we all have something better to do, but  really?
I am just as bad as everyone else, sometimes, but I really do try to relax a little bit.  It seems like everywhere I go – EVERYONE – is being more and more impatient.  There have been stories of people who cut into traffic and were SHOT because of it!  Then there is the person who complains every movement of the day about people taking to long!  
I really hope that I am NOT that person.  
I have been reading a lot of workbooks and trying to make myself a BETTER person lately, and as I do I find out that I am one of these people too!  I control myself better than some, but it is still in my head!  Does it really matter – in the BIG PICTURE of my life – if I am 10 second later than I wanted to be?  Does it really matter if when I pull into the gas station there isn’t an open pump and that it might take me an extra 5 minutes to actually spend $75 on filling my tank up?  Does it really matter?   
And IF it doesn’t really matter, why does my heart rate go up so high when it happens?  WHY do I JUMP to find my phone every time it rings?   Can’t I wait and call that person back later?  Why do I get frustrated so much when someone doesn’t pick up that phone call on the other end? 
I found this wonderful studio on ArtFire and I just can’t believe how perfect this is for my Tantrum today!  You really have to visit this studio and see all the wonderful pins.  ZippyPins
will have something that you can relate to…. I was laughing so hard by the 3rd page I had to sick back and take a breath!!  Just wait until you get to the 12 page!!!  ha ha ha ha
So, as I rant about MYSELF and others, I want to remind us ALL to stop and smell the IMPATIENCE!!!
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