Terrific Tuesday 2/14/12

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! 

Today is so special to the young and old alike.  Although to me Valentines Day (like most holiday’s) has become so commercial I still get my hubby a ‘little something’ and give my kids a special treat.  For the VERY young it is a time to get sweets and try to grab a kiss.  For the teens and tweens it is the possibility of love.  For those young adults it is blooming of a romance that may or may not turn into something.  And for those of us who are ‘older and wiser’ it is simply a way to spend more money on the young ones!  I find that for me the ‘little things’ that my hubby does every day and on random days is more important after being together for 17 years than anything else!
But, I don’t begrudge ANYONE some pink, hearts and a little ‘sweetness’ in their lives – everyday!!
I finally finished Ms. Veronica – this set was a bit hard for me, I really wanted to do something fancy and elaborate around the beautiful stone.  However, every time I got just about done with it I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted.  So, in the end the simple and elegant won over.  I really like the way this turned out…
Today’s featured artist is trop Acool.  This fun loving lady takes plain jeans and turns them into ‘flow’y and beautiful’ skirts and dresses.  You should see the beautiful purses she makes too!  I could just see my daughter wearing this and ‘loving it’.  All her items are hand made and they call to her!  Please go check out all her links and enjoy her creations.
I am adding the give-a-way that  Daily Mothering is doing of my necklace set to this blog hop… come check out all the other give-a-ways!!
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And for a final thought… I think this word is perfect for today!
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  1. tropAcool/Laura

    You are so sweet! Thank you so much for featuring me.