Traditional Tuesday

Traditional, this week seems to be anything but already!  First, the kids had yesterday off – a planning day for the teachers – and so my day was spent at the mall with Aye and one of her tween friends – I forgot that age… was soooooo long ago!  The we had the little ones at the play ground and I have to say, I was so PROUD of my Monster.  There were some BAD kids that were running, jumping and knocking kids over and MONSTER stood to the side and was GOOD the WHOLE TIME!!  What a good boy he was!!!

Then I came home and finished earrings and a watch – custom orders from one of my favorite customers – and boy did they turn out great…..what do you think??

Here is the watch I did for her this time…

Also, over night, I found out I am in TWO, yes TWO more collections!!  AMAZING!!!  So, here they are, along with  a favorite from the curators studio……boy that was hard to choose from each studio just ONE favorite!!!

And from the studio of knitsandmorebywlsm12…..

and from TrinityDesignerJewellery‘s studio…

Since I am in a ‘showing off’ type of mood today I think I’ll show you some of my other latest custom orders….. 

So, as you can see, it has been a wonderful couple of weeks!! Enjoy your TRADITIONAL Tuesday, try to do something that turns into a TRADITION…and enjoy your day!  ~KM
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