Twisted Tuesday’s

This morning I woke up and realized how close Christmas really is…I am so NOT ready.  My husbands family will all be here Christmas day and my Mom-in-law will be here to spend Christmas Eve and day with us.  I can’t even begin to list all the things I have to still do.  Even as I write this I am adding more to my list…oh my….

But I had to spend a few minutes wondering around Etsy to find someone that could be featured on this so very TWISTED Tuesday.  I found her….Shaded Memories‘ shop is full of just beautiful photos.  I really had a hard time choosing just one, but in the end I went with the first one that brought me to her shop.  I have marked her as a favorite…I will be back! 

Please check out the Shaded Memories shop and let her know what you think of her wonderful photography, remember, purchasing is the best form of flattery!!!  
Enjoy your TWISTED Tuesday…I will be running around like crazy trying to buy out the stores and finish my wrapping! ~KM
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