Wacky Wednesday 1/16/13

What a day this is, I woke up to a great sale in my ArtFire studio and then I received a wonderful note in my email from a customer about the creation she ordered.  At 330am it is already a wonderful day.  I have so many things in the works today too!  For me, it is WACKY and WONDERFUL Wednesday!!  
First, let me show off some of my new listings!! This one is one that you watched grow and develop over the past few days.  If you would like to watch it grow again, here is a video to show you the steps….. http://youtu.be/O0J5EYYHvb0  Here is the listing… what do you think??
And then I also listed my creation for the Creations Color Challenge Group.  This one is just FUN!!  It is very versatile and can be worn many different ways!!


And having finished one project I got to start another one… this one is very ‘soft’ in the feel.  Here are the beads I started with…
and here is where I got yesterday…
Remember you can keep watching my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day to watch this one grow and develop.
ONLY ONE DAY LEFT to enter this contest…. another GREAT book for beaders!!  Here is the book, click on the photo to enter!!  Have fun!!
 Today’s featured artist is: PatchworkMountain.  This talented artist has been through what many of us has.  With a love of quilting and sewing she opened an on-line store to sell fabric, however, she found that life and her store got in the way of doing what she loved.  So, she returned to quilting and sewing and once you look through her studio you will realize that she is just where she needs to be….her creations are amazing!!! There is something in almost every style and size, so I am sure you’ll find something you like!  Remember to always support handmade artists when you can. 
Handmade Quilt Green to Gold
And now to leave you with this thought;
There are people who will always come up with reasons why you can’t do what you want to do.  Ignore them!
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