Waggin Wednesday

As many of you know my ‘life has gotten in the way’ lately of my beading…..well, today I hope to find a way back to my beloved beads!  I have gone almost all the way through the ‘withdrawl’ process and am looking forward to picking up my bead obscesion today.  Although I have beaded a little bit over the last few days I have gone from 4-6 hours a day to maybe 1-2 hours!  So, life…..move over for my beads!!!

As I had thoughts of beaded and relaxing on my mind I went searching for an Etsy artist to feature, and boy did I find one for you!  I just love this sign and the many others in Simple Block Sayings Shop.  She does a bunch of custom orders too, but this one caught my eye right off!  I think that this should be my new motto (or at least for my dog)!!!  

Enjoy your ‘WAGGIN WEDNESDAY’ and remember to ‘wag’ in your own way today!  ~KM
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