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Originally posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

 Wonderful Wednesday

Today I get to post the second half of my interview with Lisa Wingate.  If you have missed the first half of the interview,  Click Here to see it.
~ How do you come up with their names?
Some characters come into my mind fully formed, with names, physical characteristics, histories, and personality quirks.  Some require a little more plotting and thinking.  Generally, I meet the characters as you would meet any person in life—I get to know them from the outside, in. Sometimes I shop through books of baby names or phone books, looking for names that fit. Sometimes, I borrow names from people I know.  J. Norman in this July’s book, Dandelion Summer shares my grandfather’s name, Norman.  He is a lot like my grandfather—feisty, intelligent, something of a corker. 
Where do you write? (desk, couch, etc) please, if you can, include a photo.
I write on a laptop computer, so you could find me writing almost anywhere.  Most mornings, I do what all the “work at home” books tell you not to do—I go to work in my pajamas.  We live on a ranch, so the porch is one of my favorite places to sit and write in the mornings.  I like to watch the wildflowers, the birds, and the ranch animals while I work.  Those few hours of early quiet time are precious to me, and it all turns out fine, except on those really good writing days when neighbors happen to drop by at lunchtime, and I answer the door looking like I just got out of bed.  Nobody believes you at that point when you say, “I’ve been working really hard this morning… really.” 
Do you prefer to type on a computer or write out your rough draft with paper and pencil?
I always write on a computer—these days a Mac laptop.  I can write anywhere, anytime, with any amount of chaos around.  When I’m deep in a story, I don’t hear a thing.  Sometimes, the kids joke about how many times they have to say, “Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!”  Before I come back to the real world.
 (her boys)
~ What type of handmade crafts/arts have you done before?
In the past, I spent time doing everything from sewing, to traditional Native American strip quilting, to loom beading, to jewelry making.  When my boys were little, I cut my own patterns and even made many of their clothes, as well as curtains, pillows, and all the other sort of stuff you do when you’re starting your married life married, you’re financially challenged, and you’re nesting.  It makes me a little sad to see the fabric departments closing down in stores, now. There’s something special about making things yourself, about understanding the time, care, and craftsmanship that can shape fabric, beads, or any ordinary item into a personal treasure that is useful and beautiful. 
~ Do you still do any of them?
These days, photography is probably my biggest creative outlet because I travel often, speaking and doing book signings.  I don’t sew anymore (somehow, these hairy-legged mini men are so not into me dressing them in matching shirts anymore) but I know I will take up sewing again one day, when another generation of the family comes along.  Right now, my writing and traveling schedule limits me to some jewelry making from the beads and stone bobbles I find as I travel.  I like to pick up things that remind me of a certain place, or a vacation, or time and incorporate them into an item I’ll use in everyday life.  Memories are wonderful that way—sometimes just a tiny memento on a necklace or a bracelet can carry an entire family vacation inside it.
~ Are you working on anything new?
I’m still in the process of the editing for Blue Moon Bay, the second in the Moses Lake series from Bethany House (following Larkspur Cove). Blue Moon Bay will be released in February, 2012. The book has a little mystery, a little romance, and the flavor of small-town life in a little lakeside community where everything isn’t as calm as it looks on the surface.  I’m also in the pre-publication countdown to the release of Dandelion Summer, July 5th (now released), which is always a mad scramble of interviews, press materials, and planning for book signings.  It’s a little like that last crazy month at the end of a pregnancy, when you’re suddenly filled with anticipation for what is to come, but you also feel the time ticking away.   There’s more information about the book at my website, www.Lisawingate.com.
Any of you that have been following along know that there is a give-a-way starting next Wednesday of one of Ms. Lisa’s books.  I will be giving away a copy of  Tending Roses to one lucky winner.   Please make sure you come back and enter – you will just love these books – I know I do!


And here are more photos of Aye at camp – I want to go!?!?!  

Today’s listing…… do you like it?
*** All profits from the sale of this necklace set will be donated to the http://www.autismspeaks.org/ organization***

Today I am featuring this very creative mother of two boys, CraftyDayDreams.  She has the ‘creative bug’ and uses many different mediums to make her wonderful creations.   This little book is just wonderful!  Please go check out her studio and see all the different creations she has listed.  There is also a listing of all her different links below, please remember, let her know where you hear about her!
Again, I am crazy with orders and don’t have time to ‘work’ the hops, so I will not be doing any again today.  
 Today is a great day to be creative.  If you can’t get a few moments to actually create something, write it down.  Tomorrow may just be that day!  ~KM
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