Weekend Re-Post

Weekend Re-Post 
originally posted on 5/19/11

Tantrum Thursday

Today’s tantrum is a personal one.  I think this is actually a VERY personal one!  It is more about ME and MY family than anything, but I am sure many of you will be able to relate!
Many of you know that I live in a single wide mobile home.  Now if you have ever lived in a mobile home – at any time in your life – you will know that there is little to no storage or closet space.  I actually live in a newer version that has a walk in laundry/pantry room!  But, in each room there is a TINY closet and that is it!  
So, where do I put all my extra yarn?  Christmas stuff? That foot locker of Vintage China that was handed down from my mom?  My wedding dress and memories??  Do you see where I am going with this one?
Storage Lockers!
Yes, I know they are necessary, I HAVE to have one, BUT, really?  Talk about a money maker.  We have had our storage locker for about 12 years and although it started out very cheap it is now much more expensive!  Yes, we do pay a little extra to have an indoor one – it mostly houses our memories and things that the Florida heat and moisture might ruin, but still!!   With over 600 lockers in the building I am in, boy do they rake in the money?  I think this is one of those industries that has you – no matter what – and they know it! 
I am guess I am more throwing a Tantrum about the price, but still, it is a Tantrum!!  Why, you ask?  Because today is the day that hubby and I spend ALLLLLLLL day cleaning out the locker and gathering things for a Garage Sale to be held on Friday and Saturday at my Best Friend, MeMe’s home!  I hope to get rid of ALMOST everything!!!  There are the few things that I can’t, but everything else…. OUT!  Oh boy, then I will be paying for an almost empty locker – different tantrum?!?!  But, I’ll get money from the garage sale to pay for the storage locker for another month, right???  Oh, this viscous cycle!!
On a lighter note,  I received a letter from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads that my Celtic Art Sun Catcher has been selected for the second round of judging in the FMG Seed Bead contest!!! I now have to send it in for photos! I am so very excited!!!! I can’t believe it!  It will still be a few months before I know anything, but I am still very very very excited!

Today I would like to have you all remember that life must be cleaned out 
– at least – 
every once in a while! ~KM

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3 Responses

  1. Teresa

    I am a follower now and by the way, I have lived in a single wide twice and a double wide once. The last time was while we were building a house and there were six of us in a single wide! What an experience. Blessings to you,
    Teresa from nanahood.com

  2. MCatherine

    You have inspired me to get a move on cleaning out my closets….even the ones at home!

  3. Michelle Steiner

    I had to laugh at your tantrum, since I feel the same way about storage in my double-wide!

    Thanks for following me over at Cloud 9 Ranch, and I am now a new follower here, as I love your bead work.