Weekend Re-Post 3/32/13

Originally posted on Friday, March 11, 2011

Fabulous Friday
Yesterday was SOOOO crazy that I didn’t even get time to post, I am sorry!  It started out with a MASSive rain storm – I know that many of you had already gotten it.  I drove the Kids to school so that they didn’t have to STAND at the bus stop.  This, of course, sent the whole morning in a spin – my kids do NOT make changes very easy!

The school trip turned into a shopping trip, then Ziggy to the groomers (I’ll tell you about that later) and even a trip to SPOIL myself!  I stopped and got my nails and feet done!!!!!!  

The trip to the groomers for Ziggy was for his BIG day today.  AYE has done a BIG research report on Rat Terriers and today is her presentation.  Ziggy, being a Rat Terrier, is the main focus of the presentation.  He had to look his best!  He will go to school this morning with us all and spend about an hour in her class and then we will be back home!  He is going to LOVE IT!!!  When we first got him he was so shy and scared of everyone (he is a rescue from a no kill shelter and he was abused by his precious owner) and now he is so loving and open – especially to kids!

I also want to ‘show off’ this morning!  I have been featured in a great collection:
Indie Design

And now today I have so many things to finish.  I have been working on more listings for my DESTASH studio, but time has not been on my side. I also have several things to list in my Krafty Max Originals studio. 
Today’s featured artist is QuillingbySandraWhite.
She has been quilling and making beautiful work for over 35 years!  She has perfected her work over this time and I have to say, it is beautiful!  Please go check out her art and remember to let her know when you found out about her!

Remember today, as you go about your life, to stop and smell the roses – even if it is in your imagination!  ~KM

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