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Happy Holidays🎄

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday!! Weird-right?!?! I know last week was crazy and I was not able to post a blog and this week is Christmas on Friday so with that thought in mind, I thought I would do a blog post for today for last week combined with the first few days of this week😁. After the holidays are over, the blog post should be right back on track 😉. How is everyone doing?!?! Last week I took Friday off to catch up with getting presents wrapped, cleaning, crocheting and any other last minute things needed to be done before Christmas😉. It was a lot of wrapping this year, especially because not only for Christmas gifts but also for my daughter(she’s 21 this year!!). It has been really strange and weird for me…the past two weekends…because I didn’t do ANY beading whatsoever!! I was happy because I was able to get a lot done but sad because I missed beading. Both times that I didn’t get to bead, I came back on those Monday’s and got right back into beading…mostly working on the 🎄 5×7 Art…which I can now say as of this Monday I was able to complete😃. I will be talking about that and showing the working photos and I even got to start a new WIP on Tuesday!! I also have some updates/news from Klub members of my K~Max Klub to share and then the available kits…which will be up until 12/30/20😃. Let’s get started!!

2 Friday’s Ago where I left off

Let’s begin with the WIP that was finished as of yesterday!! The Christmas 🎄 5×7 Art. It took me a while to finish this one with trying to get prepared for the holidays but it is done right on time for Christmas!! The last time I wrote about it( 2 Friday’s ago) I left you all on row 50 with 2,300 beads…the star on top of the tree was done and the tree was just starting to show. That same weekend(not this past one but the one before) there was no time to bead but last Monday I came back to my bead tray and added 5 rows to start my day off…so that means 55 rows and 2,530 beads!! If you had looked carefully, you could start to see a ‘bauble’ appear on the trees branches! That Monday I finished off with 75 rows done and 3,450 beads…now there was a few baubles that could be seen😃. I just love how the shading is looking so far…where one side appears lighter and then the other side darker-making it look so much more realistic!! Last Tuesday, I started off at 80 rows and 3,680 beads…now it looked like there was a hint of snow/or tinsel on some of the branches…can be left open to interpretation of whichever 😉. That day I ended at row 100 & 4,600 beads…that day was a busy day especially in the evening hours of wrapping gifts and family night to be had!! Just love how dimensional the tree looked so far and that there were many baubles all over the tree now😃. Then came last Wednesday…started off where I left off the night before on row 100😃. I pulled the rows 5 at a time and beaded until it was time for me to do ‘other’ things…I ended up stopping at row 125 with 5,750 beads!! Now by some miracle of some sorts between last Wednesday night and Thursday morning I got in a few sets of rows and started that Tuesday off with 150 rows and 6,900 beads😁. That day I beaded up until it was time to go…go and get more 🎁 wrapped…so I left off on row 170 with 7,820 beads-the tree started to come alive and very soon would be coming down to the gifts and stump part of the tree. Then that Friday I took the day off to get much need work done on the cleaning guy, gift wrapping and any other odd and end things that needed to be done. So no beading over this past weekend but I came back on this Monday and before I did anything put in 15 rows starting my day off with 185 rows and 8,510 beads and now there is a hint of something else under the tree branches😉. I decided right there and then that it was going to be the day to finish this beautiful and awesome Christmas tree…so I beaded all day and I pulled it off with 198 rows and 9,108 beads!! Just look at those presents under the tree!! In the next few night I will be trying to get it framed but for now I will be getting the pattern up in my shop to buy😃. For now-here are some of the working pictures I put together for you all!!

Where I started this Tuesday

Now on to the new WIP I started this Tuesday…a simple but elegant agate slice stone. I think it calls for something simple…I went with light mauve-ish/purple color to go with the stone and started building the walls up. By the end of the day I have enclosed the back side for the most part by adding in some smaller 15/0 iris purple color beads-depending on the way you hold it and the light hits it, it almost looks pink or blue!! That is where I stopped for Tuesday and I will work on it more during Wednesday but…REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan PageGoogle+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Where I stopped Tuesday evening

Next up, some updates/recent shares from the members of my K~Max Klub😃. There’s no new bead-along for now, but members can help themselves to our file tab and find past bead-alongs to enjoy 😉! Have fun with those and please remember to keep sharing your updates!! After the holidays I plan on having some new patterns for Bead-alongs…so make sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out😉. Thank you to Joyce & Jessica for sharing some great pictures of some of my recent kits they got!! They are all looking wonderful and I especially love that added 3D look that Joyce added to the Knome and the edging and details Jessica added around hers!! Here are the photos if you missed seeing them😃.

It’s that time again!! Time to do a re-visit of past few months patterns/kits!! These kits for both the Peyote Bracelet in a box kit and the Art in a Bag Kit go from July 2020 all the way up to November2020.  So if you have missed a pattern/kit and would like to get it, now is the time…this will be the last time to get these special patterns/kits😃. For each kit/pattern you would like, PLEASE make sure you put a NOTE in the note section of which pattern/s you would like-if you do not NOTE which one you’d like-a random kit/pattern will be sent!!  I will tell you a little more about which patterns are available for the Two different kits down below and include links to them in my shop😃. 

Let’s start with the Peyote in a Box Re-Visit kits!! I will have kits from July all the way to November to choose from. The choices you have are as follows and must be mentioned in the NOTE section of ordering:  A) Jellyfish, B) Lotus Flowers, C) Christmas Ribbon, D) Fall Flowers, and E) Gnome. If no specific kit is mentioned, a random kit will be sent!!  Each box will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed bracelet: A printed word chart In single drop peyote (a color chart can be requested and be sent digitally), a needle, All Delica beads, plated bar ends and findings.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from December 1, 2020 until December 30, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by January 7, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with these kits!!After December 30, 2020 these patterns/kits will no longer be Available!!  Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!! 

Next, let’s talk about the Art in a Bag Re-Visit Kits!!!  You will have the chance to order any kits from July 2020 to November 2020!!  The choices you have are as follows and must be mentioned in the NOTE section of ordering: Eagle, Seasons, Poinsettias, Fall Flowers, and Panda.  If no specific kit is mentioned, a random kit will be sent!!  This Kit is a Monthly Bag kit from Krafty Max Originals and each Bag kit will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed 5×7 wall art which will contain the following: Printed word chart pattern(in 2 drop peyote), All Delica beads and a 5×7 canvas to mount your finished Beadwoven Art work on.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from December 1, 2020 until December 30, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by January 7, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with these kits!!  After December, these PATTERNS/KITS will no longer be available!!Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!! 

Short and sweet for now😉. This week is Christmas and is time to spend quality time with our loved ones however that may be…So I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas-make sure you all stay safe and healthy and I will be back with the blog the following week!! Remember to get any of those kits that you might have missed ASAP…this is your last chance to grab these OOAK patterns as they will be disappearing soon!!

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