Weekly WIP Updates, New listing, & Available Kits!!

Good Morning ☀️!! I hope you all have had a wonderful week-I know that I have had an amazing week!! I finished up a few WIP’s this week and have even started a new one today!! This week I did something a little different and one of my WIPs is actually a beadalong I did with my private club(K-Max Klub)…it went very well I think and it might be something I do again next week😉. This week I’ll be showing you all the WIPs I finished and have started-talking a little about each and then show you then New listing I have as well as the available kits in my shop.

Where I began the day on Monday!!

Let’s start off with the 5×7 Art in a bag sample for April-the Hummingbird! I started this lovely hummingbird last week and I can’t believe how real-like this hummingbird looks-it seems like it was almost painted on 😃. Monday, if you recall, I started the day out with 185 rows & 8,510 beads completed…almost done!!! Well, lucky enough, by mid-day Monday I was able to finish this little beauty…all 200 rows and 9,200 beads of it!! I just love how well this pattern turned out-hummingbirds are very special to me in lieu of my grandmother!! Hope you like it as much as I do😃.

Finished Sample of Hummingbird 5×7 Art in a Bag for April!!

So, you all know that when I finish one creation, I get to pull out and start another one!! Well this week I decided to do something different and do a beadalong with my private group K~Max Klub!! I started it before hand to see how it would go and by Wednesday I had the pattern up and everyone that wanted to join from this group could join in and beadalong. It is something similar to what some of you might have seen…it just is smaller and set up for a bracelet instead of an Art…it is the Silhouette!! Now all anyone needed to do this was be a part of my group and have 2 colors of Delica beads…I used a rainbow cream(db157) for my background and a red color(db378). So far some of the colorings I’ve seen are very interesting and pretty to see!! I can’t wait to see everyone’s when they are done. I was able to finish mine up last night and today is the last segment of rows I posted for the group…we’ll have to wait and see how everyone else’s comes out😉. When I can get this beauty photographed, it will be put up as a new listing😃.

Here is my finished sample of the beadalong!!
The beginning of a new WIP for Friday!!

Since I was able to finish that creation….I got to start another new WIP this morning!! It is a striking round, blue, cab that I decided to do something a little different to!! You’ll have to wait to see the pictures to see what I did😉. So far, I have pulled out the colors I’ll be using( a cream-ivory color, a bronzy color, and a light blue color) and have started the first few rounds of the bezel….and have added that something special to the back of the cab!! So, let’s get a start on this WIP and see how far I can get…REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan PageGoogle+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

The first few rounds of bezel & the fancy medallion I glued to the stone!!

Time to show you guys the New listing of the week!! Any guesses?!?! If you guessed the 5×7 Art Hummingbird Sample for April…you are right!! As I have mentioned before, hummingbirds are something special for me…they were my grandmother’s favorite…and every time I see one I think of her…I think she would have loved this beautiful, paint like, rendition of a hummingbird-I know I do!! It is a 5×7 Art mounted on a 5×7 canvas and it is ready to hang up if you choose to😃. This beautiful art would make an awesome gift or even art decoration for your own home or office…don’t forget, if you love creating art and live beading…this is also available in kit form this month!!

The Beautiful Hummingbird 5×7 Art Sample…want to add this beauty to your home decor?!?!… Just click on the image to get it today!!

It’s time to introduce you all to the New Patterns/Kits for April!!!  I just can’t believe how wonderfully these turned out😃. I have to say…these are just wow!!  This month, I will be doing a Peyote Bracelet in a Box Kit with new pattern( in 2drop peyote) for April and I have decided to do another 5×7 Art in a Bag Kit for April too!!  This month’s 5×7 Art pattern is another pattern in 2 drop peyote!!  Let me go ahead and tell you a little bit more about each individual kit with the important dates for availability 😃. 

Let’s start with the Peyote in a Box Kit!!  For April’s Kit, I decided to go with a pattern that says Grace…something we all could use right about now😊. With this kit, each box will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed bracelet: A printed word chart In 2 drop peyote (a color chart can be requested and be sent digitally), a needle, All Delica beads, plated bar ends and findings.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from March 31, 2020 until April 28, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by May 5, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with this kit!! Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!!

Want to make this wonderful bracelet kit?!?!… Just click on the image to get your kit today!!

Next, let’s talk about the Art in a Bag Kit for April!! I decided to do another 5×7 pattern this month!!  The New pattern I have chosen for this kit this month is of a colorful and beautiful Hummingbird😃.  This Kit is a Monthly Bag kit from Krafty Max Originals and each Bag kit will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed 5×7 wall art which will contain the following: Printed word chart pattern(in 2 drop peyote), All Delica beads and a 5×7 canvas to mount your finished Beadwoven Art work on.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from March 31, 2020 until April 28, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by May 5, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with this kit!! Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!!

Want to make this beautiful Beadwoven wall art kit?!?!… Just click on the image to get your kit today!!

That about sums up my amazing week!! I hope you all had an amazing week of your own too!! Take the time to enjoy the little things no matter how little they seem and be creative!! For those who are apart of my K~Max group, I hope you all enjoyed the beadalong as much as I did and if so I am hoping to maybe do another one soon😉. Don’t forget to share your work and what you all have been creating-it is great inspiration for me as I am sure to all others…just stop by my page and share away😉. Well, my friends and fans, that is it for now but keep checking back because you’ll never know when I might be doing something new!!

Happy Friday Everyone & Happy Weekend!!
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