WHAT A Weekend it Was!

MONDAY!!! Do I really need to say more? There is so much going on, and yet, not too much to share!!  STRANGE!! The weekend was wonderful and full of fun, kids and HEAT!!  First thing, just let me say, that in FLORIDA you must have a working AC!!  Ours is dying and is COLD at night but it is not working very well during the day!  We had sandwiches last night for dinner because I just couldn’t make more heat by cooking!!  Even ZIGGY thought it was to hot….I looked over and he’s NOT sleeping in his bed!!

ziggyBut all is OK, the AC is getting fixed and life will be COLD again soon.  Besides, there was a bead show in town over the weekend.  It was a VER small one and there wasn’t many ‘great deals’, but I did get a few things….here they are! The ‘close up’ photo is of some beads I SPLURGED on….I’ll tell you more about them later!

show stash 1

show stash 2I did get a chance to work on my brown necklace over the weekend, but not much!!  I finished all the fringe and today I’ll be starting to ‘put it all together’.  But I did arrange, change and rearrange the layout about 300 times.  Then had my mom and mom-in-law help me – rearrange and then do it all over again to get the look just right….I think I’ve got it!! Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day!

brown and grey working 38dSo, today I’ll be beading, however, we will be off to the library later today too.  So, enjoy your day and remember,

When in doubt  TWIRL!!

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