What’s New Wednesday 10/29/14 (Earrings!, Trophy-WifeAprons and Aye)

 Have you figure out why I said it was going to be a busy week?  And now, to add to all the fun and excitement……my daughter!  She and boyfriend have been together for a while now and this is their first HIGH SCHOOL dance together!  It was for homecoming and yes, that is the necklace set I made her (we shortened it right before she left).  
Here she is….beautiful and full of fun!!
And here is her and boyfriend….aren’t they a cute couple?!?!
And HERE is PROUD daddy!!
Oh, did I mention that boyfriend (along with his family and ours) arranged to surprise her and take her to a fancy dinner before the homecoming dance!!  Good Boyfriend!!!! 🙂 
Are you ready for a couple of new listings?  These are interchangeable earrings!!! They are sold as a set and I just LOVE the idea!! I have made and sold several sets already, but these are the first two I have listed!! 
How many of you are watching this beautiful green stone turn into a beadwoven necklace?  Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page; I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
EVERY $1 helps!! This campaign will go to help me keep making all the changes to Krafty Max Originals!! If you can fund, share or even comment on the campaign it will help!! EVERY comment and share will add to the visibility of my campaign!! http://www.gofundme.com/kraftymax #kraftymax @GoFundMe #crowdfunding 
The 2014 Krafty Max Originals Gift Guide is going to be AMAZING!! Please let me know if you are interested, time is getting closer to close out the ads!!

Still want in? It is so easy and inexpensive!! You can have your business card posted for only $5!!! There are still 1/2 page ($15), full page ($30) and 2 page ($50). AND, if you refer someone that buys an ad you’ll get a FREE business card listing!!

So, HURRY!!! NOW is the time!!

Yesterday I was able to introduce you to Ms. Emmanuella Koenig, owner/designer at Trophy-WifeAprons.  Today I get to tell you a little more about her and her beautiful creations!! 
I have to first tell you about her fan page!!  I know that some pages go ‘viral’, but for her page, that is an understatement!!  These aprons are so popular that her fan page – started in Jan 2013 – now has over 21,000 fans!!! And they are active!!! Many of her posts get 500+ interactions!!  
Did I tell you yet, she has also been published??  Yep, on Info Grafics!   
It is easy to see why these aprons are so popular!  They are beautiful and the attention to detail is so easy to see!! You provide her with your details and she creates a beautiful apron that you will be proud to wear! Here is my favorite…..it was really hard to pick only one (there wasn’t one with dragonflies on it)!!
And here are a few more….just to look at!! 


So, go look at her Fan Page, check out her website and make sure you tell her where you heard about her!!  And then, order something that will make you so very happy!! 

Today I would like to leave you with thought;
A ship is safe in the harbour, but that is not what ships are for.  ~William Greenough Thayer.
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