What’s New Wednesday 5/14/14 (SunFlower, Blue and Grean Heart and Sewing Circle Boutique Two)

So, yesterday was a busy day – no matter the best intentions – I ended up having to take one of our vehicles to the shop….UCK!!  REALLY, just when things are getting better something breaks, but, as my dad always said, “Max, Murphy doesn’t hang out on your back, he stays in your pocket”!!!  He meant it in only the best way, but it is true!  NOT just for bad, but IF there is going to be something that happens, it will happen to me!  Sometimes I just feel like I am ‘along for the ride’!  But, all is good, no vehicle means I get to stay home….oh darn!! 🙂
This is one that has been listed for a little bit, but I thought I’d show it off more!!
And just look at my sunflower!! I think it is looking wonderful, what do you think??
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Yesterday I introduced Ms. Brittany Jackl from Sewing Circle Boutique Two ( SCBTwo), today I would like to tell you some more about her!!  She was allowed to be very creative to design what she wanted, which was normally ‘out side the normal “white t-shirt” box, and because of that she had become an amazing artist!  
If you notice the TWO in her company name it is because her Mother-in-law was the first creator of Sewing Circle Boutique, my her Mother-in-law focuses on Koozies and Gator Gear.  As she was taught the art she realize very quickly that not only did she enjoy it, but she also loved being party of people ‘special’ days with her custom work.  So, as she worked alongside her Mother-in-law she not only learned to embroidery but she also learned how to turn it into a profitable business.  With the support of her family and loyal customers she is off and ‘running’!!
Tomorrow I’ll tell you a little bit more, so make sure you come back and read all about her!!  And check out her ArtFire studio and LIKE her Fan Page!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Nothing happens, and nothing happens, and then…… EVERYTHING HAPPENS!! ~Fay Weldon
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