What’s New Wednesday 6/18/14 (My Monster, Wings N Scales and Tu-Tu Kraftee Tutus/Dresses)

OK, it is Wednesday and time for us to ‘get down to business beading’!! 😉  Life seems to really love to let me relax one day and then be stressed the next!  They say that you never get more than you can handle….I don’t believe them!  
As anyone with a child that has special need (no matter what they are) knows, the good days are the one’s you try to remember and treasure!!  I don’t talk about my son’s issues much, but I thought I would just comment a little!  
The life of a child who thrives (but hates) routines is so much easier during the school year.  There is a specific time to get up, to eat, to get dressed, to go to school, to eat lunch, to do work, to play outside, to come home…etc. The summer is a time when they are supposed to relax and enjoy life with NO routine….that is fine for kids who can do that, but for those that can’t it is really hard.  My son has been having a very difficult time with life since school got out.  At first I didn’t realize why, I just was caught up in the ‘things wrong’ he was doing.  Over the last couple of days I have figured out that what he is missing is the ‘structure’ of school days.  So, it is back to set ‘wake up times’, back to ‘routines’ in the morning, lunch at the same time every day, etc.   
For those around him it is often hard to understand WHY he is so upset (it usually has nothing to do with what is happening in that moment) and WHY he is having such a hard time with summer.  But, for us, it is hard to figure out (sometimes) how to fix things around him to make him happier!  
So, with the schedule back up on the board (revised) and the routine back in life should get back to ‘almost’ normal – or OUR normal!! 😉
Just look at how this OWL is coming along!! I can’t wait to finish this beautiful creation made by hand by Wings N Scales.   So, if you want to come over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Here is another Beadwoven Earrings – this time in BLUE – LOTS of BLUE!!
So, yesterday I introduced you to Ms. Ebony from Tu-Tu Kraftee Tutus/Dresses. Although she sells on-line it is her passion to create beautiful and high quality creations for everyone!  I told you yesterday that she is a ‘one stop – shop’, but it is so much more than that! Her baskets (or buckets) can be full of just about everything!  Just look at this one!
And then there are the TuTu Wreaths….now these, are cute!!
So, as you can see, no mater what it is – TuTu’s, Jewelery, Wreaths or Gift Baskets – it is easy to see that love and handmade creation goes into everything!  Please stop over and LIKE her page – she is ALMOST to 100 likes!!! 
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, LOVE gives us a Fairy Tale.
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