Wicked Wednesday

Yep, it is Wicked Wednesday again!!!!  What a day this has become already!  I woke up to find myself in yet ANOTHER beautiful ArtFire collection….this one by 3PeepsDesigns.  What an honor to be included in another beaders – seed beader at that’s collection!  My Turtle in the Wind bracelet looks so simple compared to some of the work in this collection!  Please go visit these wonderful artists, leave a comment, give it 5 Stars and Mark them for your Hotlist!

I would also like to feature 3PeepsDesigns today.  She creates her own designs, like I do, and boy are some of her designs BEAUTIFUL!!!  Here is a Cartoon Dog Framed piece of Artwork…..this is cute, even if you don’t have a Springer Spaniel!!  Please check out her 3peeps blog as well and make sure you LIKE, Mark and Follow this wonderful artist to see what she comes up with next!!! 
Remember to do something WICKED today, just make sure it is WICKEDLY FUN and not WICKEDLY BAD!!!  Enjoy your Wednesday!!  ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. 3 Peeps Designs

    Thanks so much for the kind words and for featuring my shop!

  2. Doris Sturm

    How beautiful these designs are and the tiny bead work is so lovely!