Wicked Wednesday

Oh my goodness……just when I thought things would get into a ‘routine’ once school started….. The kids missed the bus this morning, hubby woke up late and I have been ‘running’ around like a crazy woman!  Doesn’t this get any easier???  ha ha ha ha I know it doesn’t!!!  Oh well, I guess I am not the only one, my morning Mall Walking partners all had things happen this morning too!!  I guess great minds get confused together!!!  ha ha ah ah ha ha!!!

So, since I had SOOOO much extra time this morning I wanted to find someone really WICKED for today’s Wicked Wednesday post…..found her!!  Ms. Susie of SooBoo is a very talented and creative artist.  Although I am showing you one of her WICKED wreaths today, you need to check out her shop and see all the OTHER things she makes.  I am not sure if her Aunt Chipper knew what she was doing when she gave Ms. Susie her nickname, but it has turned out well.  Read more about 
Ms. Susie and her background on her BIO page.  

Enjoy your WICKED Wednesday and make sure you mark her shop to find it in the future and let her know where you heard of her!  She also has a Fan Page – SooBoo-Designs-Stationery-Such.  
Make sure you do something Wicked for yourself today!!! ~KM

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  1. Win


  2. Susie

    This comes at one terrific time for me…as my wonderful Dad lays quietly and comfortably at home during has last few days of life. It’s been trying to say the least being away from “home”.

    So, I do want to thank you for promoting my shop, my “wicked” wreath and my facebook fan page! WooHoo! I actually am making two more Halloween Wreaths soon for the upcoming local craft fair. …and.. I just shipped off another one today to a new customer!
    Thank you for finding me. I adore Halloween and am looking forward to hanging MY own halloween wreath on MY front door!

    ps.. I loved the mention of Chipper! 🙂