Wonderful Wednesday 12/21/11

OK, I am just about at the limit of crazy this month! Yesterday just about topped off my week so far!  I was sitting in quiet and piece when I got a call from Aye that Monster had gotten hurt.  I rushed down to the park (about a block away) and find him with a lump on his head and dirt covering his face!  Yep, he tried to jump OVER a bench and didn’t make it!
So as he missed, hit the back and then flipped over onto the ground.  A quick trip to Solantic walk-in urgent care centers (who are starting to recognize us) and we found out that he has a moderate concussion! 
  So then it was back home we went!  
(hard to see, but across from the right side of HIS forehead and down across his eye)
But I was able to list 3 more of my new strap bracelets – these are fun to wear or give.  At only $7.00 each and free shipping until the end of the year they are truly a bargain!
Then there was this wonderful surprise – from my WONDERFUL hubby – and it was a beautiful addition to our decorations!  
Although I am allergic to all mint I still love the look of candy canes.  This wonderful neck warmer from MademoiselleMermaid‘s studio is perfect for the season.  You really need to go check out this studio, it is full of fun and beautiful items for just about every one’s taste. If you read her bio you’ll find out about her love for the beach and vintage cowboy boots – intrigued?  Check her studio, other sites and bio out to find out more!  Remember to support handmade artists during this holiday season and throughout the year.
To close out this WONDERFUL Wednesday post I would like to remind everyone that this is the season for kindness and love – no matter your religion or traditions!  ~KM
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3 Responses

  1. Healthier And Wealthier

    Glad your little one is okay! I can see the big bump on his forehead. I think I have a picture just like that of mine a few years ago! Love your bracelets! Looking forward to seeing you next year. I may take the big plunge into Etsy if I can figure it out. I paint. We’ll see.

  2. Krafty Max Originals

    @Healthier And Wealthier

    Thank you! I have MANY photos of him and his ‘owies’!! He seems to just be able to find things to hurt himself with!

    As for listing your items, I would encourage you to use ArtFire. There is only ONE monthly fee – no matter how much you list or sell – I tried Etsy and ended up spending more than I was selling! If you are interested, here is a link to ArtFire – we’ll both get a free month if you sign up via the link!


    Thanks for following me and for your comments!! ~KM

  3. Mademoiselle Mermaid

    Thank you so much for featuring my neck warmer=) LOVE your blog!!…looking forward to more of your posts!!
    Lots of Love and Holiday Cheer,