Fruitful Friday

As the weekly themes have changed I have tried to not only come up with a theme that will show off many wonderful artists work, but will be able to encourage and inspire us for the upcoming weekend.  Today I have found one of those artists!  Felt Collection is a simple name for a NOT so simple talent!!  This wonderful artist makes felt creations that look, almost too real!  If they were siting on a table next to you, you may get tempted, but please don’t get toooo tempted – felt wont taste as good!

Check out all the other creations in this wonderful shop and also check the ‘like’ button so that you can let your Face Book friends know you like them too!.  
Enjoy your Fruitful Friday and make it FRUITFUL for 
yourself and your family.  ~KM 
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2 Responses

  1. Doris Sturm

    This is AMAZING! It looks so real…I went on to the shop on Artfire and the chocolates look absolutely delectible…they do look real! I couldn’t have that stuff sitting around – I’d want to go have some for eating!

    Great work!

  2. Doris Sturm

    Please write to me at dmsturm(at) because I am confused about an Etsy transaction.


    Please explain to me what you ordered an which free gift you want and if it’s to be sent to you or someone else?