Manic Monday 3/18/13

Wow, what a weekend it was!!  I had so many things to do!! I have been working on a LARGE beading project (that I can’t show you, YET) and I finally finished it!!  I’ll give you some small hints, it has over 40,000 seed beads in it!! I finished it this weekend (working in between other projects for many weeks) and was able to get some great photos of it.  I also submitted it to the beading competitions that I was making it for.  Once I hear if I am a winner or not  – you will be the first to know!!!!
Over the weekend I also was able to finish this bracelet!!  Most of you watched it grow over on my fan page, and if you did miss it, you can watch the ‘making’ of video –
And here, is the listing in my studio!
Blue Dyed Jade and Swarovski Crystal Beadwoven Bracelet
I know that you have all seen it, but I just can’t help but to keep showing it off!!!  I am just so proud of this creations and the page where it was ‘published’ on.  Yep, I am a PUBLISHED ARTIST!!  I just can’t get over that… I know, bragging isn’t a good trait, but……. here is the WHOLE page it comes from……it is on the shelves in some stores now!!!!
and don’t forget, you can also get an Autographed copy (and a pair of Swarovski Crystal earrings) if you have the top bid….
I have to say that giving these books away makes me so very happy!!  I love to see the new/developing beaders receive them and then be inspired by them!  You can click here to go enter to win this new book!!
Today’s featured artist is; TzaddiShop.  This amazingly talented husband and wife team are involved in all types of art!  They design wallpaper and home decor textiles, right along side these beautiful glass creations!  Go check their studio, you will find something you enjoy!!!  And remember, always support handmade artists!
Dandelion Coasters - Geoforms Decoupage Glass Coasters - Four Wishes
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Remember the tree R’s: Respect for self; Respect for others; Responsibility for all your actions.
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