Weekend Re-Post 3/17/2013

Originally Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Terrific Tuesday 
So, the week has started, 
I am back on the computer, 
motivated and full of life.
So, I teased you yesterday with the photo of my PINK, GREY and BLACK custom order, so, here it is!!

I sure hope that she likes it! Love you Ms. Sandy D.
Then there was this one – my new listing for today – Beadwoven Sunset 7 Tube Necklace
Today I would like to feature the studio of LaurenMarems.  This wonderful artist started out doing clay and now paints and all of her creations are full of love and personality.  I just love this one.  Can you believe how perfectly this matches my new necklace?  You should see some of the MANY other beauties she has made. Please go visit her at any of her sites, remember to let her know where you heard about her. 
Sorry, no HOPS today, I have to still catch up from yesterday.  Several of them had LOTS of entries!
And to close today’s post I would like to remind everyone that with the RAIN comes the RAINBOW!  ~KM
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