Manic Monday 3/31/14 (Sea Turtle, Silver and Gold and lullabyloo)

Wow, what a week I had last week.  Even though I didn’t win the contest I learned a lot!!  I learned about my fans/followers/family, I learned about contests and I even learned that I have lost touch with many of my supporters over the last few years!!  So, I do not see how I am NOT a winner….who cares what the numbers ended up being!! 
So now, on to the bigger, better parts of this post!! 🙂  
Many of you were very excited about this ‘little’ turtle!  I am VERY happy with the way it turned out!!  I hope that it goes to a good home soon!!  Click on the photo to see the rest of the photos!!
And if you want to watch the ‘making of video’, here it is!!

And then there is this bracelet.  I started it over the weekend and have had such a fun time with it.   Just look at those silver and gold plated beads….talk about a statement!!  If you want to come over and to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day you can watch it grow!!
Today I would like to feature the winner of the #ArtFireWorks contest; lullabyloo.   This amazing artist has taken her talent ‘to the next level’.  She has over 60,000 sales to her name and produces wonderful items for all types of parties.  Trust me, you’ll find more than one thing in her studio that you like!!  And remember, always support handmade artists, they create out of love!
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Today, think about this;

Carry laughter with you where ever you go!! ~Hugh Sider
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2 Responses

  1. Lullaby Loo

    Thank you so much for featuring me! The contest was fun and it was an honor to be in such good company. 😉

    • Krafty Max

      :0 Thank you, and you are so very welcome!! ~KM