Marvelous Monday 12/17/12

First I must say Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Aye.  
Today she is officially a teenager!  We celebrated her birthday over the weekend, and she did the ‘teen’ thing and went to the movies and walked the mall with her girlfriends!!!  For Mom, Dad, Brother and Grandmother she ‘allowed us’ to have a cake and ice cream with her!!  
And do you see those amazing CHOCOLATE Peace Sign lollipops??  Those are from one of the featured artist I had a little bit ago – MandiesCandies.  All I can say is that the kids LOVED them….we had to ‘hide’ a couple for Aye to eat later on…..they were perfect, thank you MandiesCandies.
Now, many of you have been watching over the past few days my ‘little girl’ growing…. from this….just a few colors…
to what she is now… 
but, she still has more to go, and I am not sure about fringe yet!  Remember, you can watch it grow or guess throughout the day by watching my Fan Page or Google+ page.
After listening to all the terrible things that have happened to the little kids – and adults – in Newtown and I have decided to do something a little different with this ‘little girl’.  I will be auctioning her off once I am done on Fan Page and I will be sending ALL the proceeds to a fund of those survivors.  I think it is something SMALL I can do.  So, watch her grow and get finished and then come on over to my Fan Page and bid on owning her – for a great cause.
There are a few more hours to still enter to win this amazing NEW book…. but you have to hurry!!
And there is still time to enter to win this give-a-way , it is attached to an amazing review on Bond with Karla.  It is easy to enter so go on over!!!

Today my featured artist is a RE-POST:
And I have a featured artist today too!  MandiesCandies is a very talented lady…. and did I not mention it yet…. she makes things with CHOCOLATE!!!!  🙂  With her teen boys being her testers – one likes white chocolate and one like milk chocolate, her life is full of sweets and joy! ***You really must go read her bio and find out what one of her boys is the State Champion in – 2 years running) ***  It was very hard to pick – just one – of her creations to show you, but this one, as many of you know, is close to my daughters heart (and stomach)!!!  Please go see all her creations and remember to support handmade artist whenever you can!
Peace sign lollipops suckers party favors 12 count
Now, to leave you with a thought for the day;
To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old.
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2 Responses

  1. Andi-Roo TheWorldForRealz

    I think auctioning off your “little girl” & donating proceeds to the victims of that tragedy is a lovely way to help. TY for such a selfless & kind act.

    • Krafty Max

      And thank you @Andi-Roo for your continued support! ~KM