Marvelous Monday

What a Marvelous Monday this will be.  I have had some of the best experiences over the last few weeks.   This weekend we had an impromptu trip to St. Augustine with Mom-in-Law.  It was a lot fun.  The weather – Perfect!!!  The little tourist town was packed.  There was a parade (we missed that) and historical reenactors all through the town.  We even got to walk along the boardwalk on the St. Johns River.  Want to see??

*Monster is in the corner – he really is!! *

Enjoy your day and remember to ‘stop and seize the day’.  It could be beautiful!!! ~KM
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  1. Pandula Arts Creations

    That’s not the St. John’s river silly! That is the Matanzas inlet that leads into the Ocean. Nothing like making me more homesick than these pictures. Glad you guys had fun.