Marvelous Monday 3/5/12

I am not sure how many of you read my blog over the weekend, but I finally got to reveal my Bead Soup Creations.  I had so much fun doing this challenge.  It was very interesting for me to design things with beads that I would never have thought of before.  I was REALLY out of my ‘comfort zone’ with two of the creations I did.  I did, however, fall in love with all of them when I was done.
 Then, the biggest boost to my ego… all but the Glowing in the Black of Night Swarovski Crystal Springwire Bracelet  sold over the weekend!  I just can not tell you how flattered I am!!  It brings my ‘creative spirit’ a boost like nothing else when someone buys my creations. 
Then today I get to show off my creation for the CreationsColorChallengeGroup.  The colors… can you guess? Pink and Yellow!  This one was so fun for me to make, the bright colors kept my spirit up and the flowers remind that it is spring!  What a wonderful way to start off the week!
Now I am not sure if any of you saw this or not, but I am the featured artist on ArtFire!  Yep, that is right…. ya hoooo for me!!  If you would like to read the interview (there are some things in there that might explain a little about me) simple click below!
Today I would like to feature QuietsideCrafts. The wonderful lady started taking photos at the age of 8 and has never looked back.  With her love of family and of photography it is not hard to see why here photos are not only nice to look at, they pull at your emotions, too.  Then when you read her bio you’ll find her theme for her book is all about Maple Syrup… hu?  I guess you’ll have to read about her to find out!!  Remember to support your handmade artists and visit all of her links!
And for closing today I would like to leave you with this quote;
Those who are lifting the world upward and onward are those who encourage more than criticize.
-Elizabeth Harrison
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