Solace Sunday’s

With two extra kids this morning – all waking up about 630am – I am in need of some solace!  I love having Aye’s friends over, it is so fun to do crafts and enjoy tickles with a group of kids!!  

So, as I was looking around Etsy for some perfect ‘Solace’ inspiration, I found Dahlia House Art Studio.  This wonderful ACEO print speaks for itself.  I can see that I would really be able to bead in this quiet, simple place. 

Please enjoy your Solice Sunday, no matter if it is queit, full of pre work for Thankgiving, or watching the ball games with your family fans!  I know I will…. ~KM

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2 Responses

  1. Doris Sturm

    Beautiful picture. I looked in her shop and learned about the Imperial Moth (no, it’s not red) because I had one stuck on my front door screen for several weeks last summer and never knew what it was. They are amazing!

  2. Just Playin'

    We had a quiet, peaceful Sunday today….old folks, no kids. Very sweet though. Enjoy! Love the beads!