Tantrum Thursday 11/17/11

Anyone that lives on the East Coast of the U.S. know about the storms that have come through between last night and this morning.  Once again the roads will be wet this morning when I take Aye and Monster on my school runs.  
Do you know that means? 
I do, 
LOTS of people who have 
NEVER seen RAIN on the ROADS
and don’t know how to drive!
Yes, I went there!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I live in Florida.  There is rain – let’s just sayA LOT here!  Yet, everyday that it rains there are these people who need to be reminded (or taught) what it means to drive on RAIN SOAKED ROADS!

I know that this is a Tantrum that many of us have.  I even know that some of you out there are the ‘scared’ and ‘freaked’ out drivers that don’t know what to do when the rain starts falling.  My advice – call in sick!  I hope that EVERYONE out there knows that the last comment was just a TEASE, not meant as an insult.  I am just always amazed at how people think that wet roads, wind, ice, or even speed limits don’t apply to them!  
So, for all of you on your way out, take a little more time, leave a little earlier
and be VERY careful on the road.  If not for yourself, for the other drivers!!!
I have a new listing today, and here it is! What do you think??
I haven’t done my numbers in a long while, so I thought I would again today.  As you can see, the HOPS and #LINKLOVE really do work.  Just look at my growth! 
9/20/11 – 1,243 followers
11/17/11 – 1,360 followers


9/20/11 – 2,459 followers
11/17/11 – 2,633 followers

Fan Page

9/20/11 – 3,908 Fans
11/17/11 – 4,172 Fans


9/20/11 – 7,610
11/17/11 – 8,165

Growth – 555 (58 days time) 

I am only doing one hop today, come on and join me!!
To close today I would like to quote Vincent Van Gogh
What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?  
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2 Responses

  1. Alex

    Hi and thanks for stopping by Cards and Things By Alex. Thanks for the follow and am following you back 🙂 Love your site so many beautiful things 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Ha Ha. Talking about Florida aye ? Those drivers will NEVER slow down when it rains. They will always stay up too late the night before, then rush to work because they slept in the next morning.

    Then you have those who will deliberately run the red lights (word of warning..when in Florida, do not go when the light turns green, make sure all traffic from other roads and lanes are completely stopped)

    Then you have the druggies…oh to be fair, not just the “street drugs” but all hose driving with their heads buzzing from the prescription drugs like antibiotics (I’ve been one of the latter). Did you know companies do not want employees on prescription drugs driving their vehicles ?

    Oh, and if you live in Central Florida, look out for the Dump Truck Drivers. Those are some of the worse, and they cannot stop on a dime.

    Get to work before everyone else crawls out of bed, and leave work to go home early or wait till traffic clears.

    Stay off of I-4 at Rush Hour !