Tantrum Thursday 4/26/12

This has been a ‘whirl wind’ week so far.  Did you see all the new things yesterday?  Oh, well, there is more!! I have started a partnership with Many Horses.  I am going to be selling some select items through them.  I have to say, working with this company has been amazing!  Not only has there been GREAT communication, but the the real bonus, the friendly people!  Thank you so very much for making this so wonderful!
Then there is this… my swap mix that came yesterday from Beady Eyed Bunny.  I just can’t believe how beautiful these beads are…. my ‘creative juices are flowing’ in overdrive right now!!
And some of those were made by her!!  Oh my, I can’t wait!!!  Please visit some of her sites….. Here is her post about our swap! http://www.beadyeyedbunny.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/international-swap.html
Oh ya, and then on top of that my beautiful daughter got hit right beside her eye – trip to the clinic!!
She’s fine, a black eye and one H-LL of a headache, but she’ll be fine!
Don’t forget about my review and give-a-way with Mom Does Reviews – it will be well worth your time!!
Not enough?  You really need to see all the new designs I listed yesterday of the Cell Phone Charms.  They turned out so great!!  They are a bit MORE than the first one’s, but I am still making both!  It is simple, go HERE and you’ll get to see them all!
Enough?  Well, with all this, I am going to end with this thought (I hope to use it myself)….
Slow  Down and Relax!
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