Tantrum Thursday

Today’s TANTRUM THURSDAY is very related to yesterday’s!!  I really didn’t mean to RANT so much yesterday, but sometimes when I get up on that SOAP BOX I just can’t seems to find my way down!?!
One of the things that I did find out in all of AYE’s classes is that there is not enough books for each kid in the class.  In Aye’s school we are very lucky that they are able to get a ‘digital’ copy of the books, however, most school aren’t that lucky.  We are also lucky enough to be able to let Aye use a computer in her room.  The fact is that with all the budget cuts we have lost the buses to our school, lost more and more students (because of the buses being gone), more teachers and also our books for the class.  HOW in the world do they expect out teachers to be able to teach.
Did I also tell you that they have lost the funding for ALL the after school clubs and groups?  That teachers are only allowed X about of copies per month and they have to provide their own paper?  I just don’t understand.  I can’t seem to figure out how they expect our kids to make a difference in this world if we can’t even provide them the supplies to do it with.
I now that this is a common problem in MANY school districts. 
I know that this is something that is faced every day by teachers and school staff. 
I also know that this is WRONG! 
What do we NEED to do to fix this? 
What CAN we do??
I just don’t understand, my father was a teacher and even back then it WAS getting bad, but now???
Here is my listing for today in my ArtFire Studio, what do you think?
Today’s featured artist studio is New CreatioNZ.   This great artist finds the ‘hidden’ image all around her.  You will just love the different creations and styles she has in her studio.  Please go check her out!
Here are my hops for the day –
Yesterday I asked you all to call your best friend, and today, I would like to have you forgive your worst friend!  We all have them, those that were our friend and then something happened….. it is time to let go!  ~KM
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    All this hopping would make a rabbit tired, but not us bloggers! I’m a new follower from Traveling through Thursday. Please follow back http://mavesfaves.blogspot.com/ I like the variety of your blog. Best wishes to you.

  2. new creationz

    Thank you so much for featuring my shop here! I appreciate it so much!