Tantrum Thursday 8/9/12

I am not really sure I can throw a Tantrum today, it is just to beautiful and to fun to actually be upset about anything here!!!!  I am feeling so alive with this great ‘mountain’ air and the amazing company!  Who could have anything to be upset about.  I SOOOOOO envy the Camp Director who lives here on site.  What a way to raise your kids!!  I WISH I could go back home and raise my kids in the middle of nowhere without the ‘city’ life and just enjoy nature (like where I grew up), but I am tied to the city!!  How in the world would I make it without my Walmart fix and my Hobby Lobby trips??? 
I did have time to list something new for today.  It is simple, fun and full of Butterflies!!!

Butterflies, Black Agate and the Tree of Life Necklace Set

 And now, for a featured artist – BohemiaFibers.  This studio is full of amazing hand dyed yarns!  I haven’t crocheted in a while, but these are making think about picking it back up.  Can you just imagine if you gave someone a sweeter out of this yarn?  Oh my goodness, what beautiful colors!!  Please go check out this studio, and remember to support handmade artists, as often as you can!!!
Superwash Merino Sock Yarn 400 Yards Chanticleer
And now for a very fitting closing thought;
” Life doesn’t really have to be about live and learn if were willing to learn to live.”
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  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I love anything that involves the Tree of Life! I’m just so drawn to it and I love your latest listing 🙂

    I’m so jealous of you! You get to be surrounded by all that gorgeous nature…It does feel good to get away from it all, doesn’t it?