Traditional Tuesday

As many of you know there has been a great  response so far about our #LINKLOVE Diet Support Team Blog.  I am so very happy that so many of you have already shown interest in helping yourself and supporting all of us in this endeavor.  Please check it out if you want to follow, join or just see what it is all about!

Although it is Traditional Tuesday I would like to feature an artist that is anything but TRADITIONAL – well, kind of.  This beautiful quilt block is made of wood, here is what Woodworks, the artist, says is their inspiration….. 
”  I have been wood working for over thirty years and these blocks are of my latest inspiration. I have always been captivated by the geometric designs of quilts and decided to put them into wood. Being a Christian and researching bible quilts I determined these were the blocks I wanted to patter after. There are three series of these, Women of the bible, The names of Jesus, and Bible quilt blocks.”
Please  visit this wonderful studio and make sure you mark it for the future….I know I have!!

Try to start a new TRADITION today and enjoy your TRADITIONAL TUESDAY….. ~KM
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