Weekend Re-Post 9/22/12

Re-post from 6/30/2010

TERRIFIC Tuesday and WONDERFUL Wednesday

Yesterday my life got very busy – but in a good way.  I spent most of the day with my Mom-in-Law looking for a good gym and work out place.  We are going to help each other loose the extra weight and also to get healthy.  I think we came up with a great GAME plan – and we start TODAY!!!  

I really wanted to ‘put’ a couple of shops out there for you all to see.  It was my privilege to be the FIRST sale on all three of these shops.  If you remember a little bit back I won a poll for the best undiscovered shop and then also the drawing for the most publicity for the shop.  These polls and contests are put out by MV Beads.  She works very hard for all of those who have not yet had a sale and every month shows her support by doing this wonderful poll.  With my winnings I was able to go through the lists of undiscovered shops and purchase 3 items from three different shops.  HOW LUCKY IS THAT???  I have gotten all my items in, and here they are….  Please look at these shops, LIKE their pages and remember to vote and promote MV Beads poll….you can win too!!!!  ~KM
This wonderful photo reminds me of a long ago garden at a friends house – the photo is even better in person and I can’t wait to get it framed and up on the wall – thank you so very much Intrinsic Value (Stefanie Poteet Photography) for your wonderful work – I will be back!  (Fan Page – StefaniePoteetPhotography)

And this beautiful bracelet is from Da Beez Neez (Fan Page – DaBeezNeez) shop.  This great artist makes some of the most unique items I have seen!  I love the variety of her work and her artistic mediums.  Once I opened this package it was lost to my 10 year old daughter.  I am not sure she has taken it off yet!!!  I don’t think I’ll see it again soon – even the pictures had to be done on her wrist!  

And last, but most defiantly not least – my wonderful ACEO’s from Katerina Art (Fan Page – Katerina-Art).  These are so very well drawn…thank you!!!

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