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Happy Halloween 👻

HELLO!! Happy Friday ☀️!! Is everyone ready & in the mood for Halloween?!?! Any one doing anything special?!? I just love the fall season and all that comes with it!! Today will be a short blog as I am transitioning from the October kits to the New November Kits…they should be up in my shop this weekend sometime and then put up next week in my blog😃. I didn’t get a chance during the week, after finishing the Elsa WIP up, to get final photos but I will get them done over this weekend and then get it up as a new listing for next week😉. I have started a new WIP & have some upcoming news for my K~Max Klub members!! Let’s get this day going…time to bead😁

Where I kicked Monday off!!

Let’s begin with the kawaii inspired Elsa 5×7 Art WIP that I started on last week😃 On last Friday I left you all at row 105 with 5,040 beads and her entire face was now done!! Even though bough I didn’t have much time over the previous weekend to bead-with going and visiting with family and all, I did manage to get about 20 rows in!! So Monday morning I got to kick the day off at row 125 with 6,000 beads…the start of her dress!! I worked through out the day and by days end I finished with 145 rows and 6,960 beads…at that point her hands were finished…let me tell you, hands are also one thing that are not easy to design but I think I did pretty well for this art😉. Tuesday I got to start the day with 160 rows and 7,680 beads( I was able to work on it while watching a movie Monday night😉) and I would say at least half of the dress was complete!! I pulled rows out and beaded all day and by the end of Tuesday I had made it all the way to row 180 and 8,640 beads…little by little a design is now appearing at the bottom of her dress😃. Now, off to Wednesday morning…I was not able to get much done Tuesday night before going to bed, but I did manage to put in 5 rows…so started the day on row 185 and 8,880beads!! There wasn’t much left to do at that point…about another 20 rows to add before Elsa would be complete!! If you look carefully you could now see more design detail on the bottom of her dress😃. By the end of Wednesday, Elsa was completely finished at row 205 and 9,840 beads!! Just look at that design on her dress!! She will get framed and photographed this weekend then be up for a new listing in the upcoming week😉. For now, here are some of the working photos taken this week😉

Now, we move on to Thursday!! Thursday was a start of a new day and a new WIP and I decided to start with the new November Art kit sample!! I kicked the day off with 5 rows & 230 beads…a hint of something can be seen at that point but it was mostly just background color😃. Throughout the day I pulled my rows…5 at a time (230 beads every 5 rows!!) and managed to get to row 125 with 1,150 beads by days end…at this point you can definitely see there is more than just background and even see a hint of the main ‘focal’ that will be in this art😉. Any guesses as to what it could be?!?! Remember that each kit I do has an exclusive pattern for it and has not been done before😉😉😉. By Friday morning (today😃) I kicked off at row 35 with 1,610 beads…now there’s a lot more showing, but no one has guessed what it could be yet!!! Let’s see as I work on it today if anyone can guess it😃REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan PageGoogle+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Working photos of November sample of Art kit!!

On to some K~Max Klub news as this week I don’t have any new listings to share with you all…but I will have next week😉. Right now, I started asking my Klub members what they would like to see or do for the upcoming November bead-along. What kind of style?!? A bracelet or some kind of art?!? And also, what kind of pattern would you like to see…anything special for holidays etc?!?! So while I wait to plan and make the next bead-along pattern, remember on our Klub page there is a file tab where you can find any and all past bead-along patterns😉. Don’t forget to show off any and all your special works you are creating…we would all love to see and be inspired💕. I just realized that for the October bead-along I never shared the completed sample that I did!! What happened was that I did it over a weekend and never really got around to showing the working pictures but I did recently post a picture of my completed snowflake 3×5 Art…I even decided to change o e of the beads in each snowflake to make it my own and be a little unique 😉. So this week I am sharing my October bead-along sample with all of you…hope to see some of yours soon😉😁

That will be all for this week…nice and short😉😉. I will be back with lots more next week…more WIPs, more new listings, and the new November Kits!! Who knows…maybe I’ll have even more…do keep an eye out and for now, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween & a super great weekend!! I’ll be back next week😉🎃

Happy Friday & Happy Halloween Everyone!!
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  1. Kathleen

    It looks like I missed purchasing the October bracelet and picture kits. Can I still get them??