Weekly Updates on WIP’s, New Listings, Klub News, & Available Kits!!

Good Morning ☀️!! Welcome to another week of wonderful beading and creativity😉. Did you all have a wonderful week of beading or creativity of any kind?!?!…I did and I can’t wait to share it all with all of you😃. This week I got to finish up my Granddaughters special ‘Mermaid Scale’ Necklace and then start a new 5×7 Art this week. I was also able to list 2 of my most recent creations( a 5×7 Art & a 3×5 Art) along with some new patterns(. 5×7 kawaii & bracelet size kawaii) this week!! Little by little I have seen members from my K~Max Klub finishing up some of the bead alongs…so I’ll have updates there too!! In other news, I have had some customers/members who have purchased some of the new Kawaii Art pattern and have finished…id like to show you those too!! And if that’s not enough to share with you all…I have finished crocheting another blanket to gift and want to share with you the finished blanket😁. Then last but not least, I have the new kits that are available for August to share with you all😍. Let’s get started, shall we?!?!

Started off Monday

To start today off, let me show you the updates on the WIP I started last week for my Granddaughter 😃. If you’ve been following along…I have been working on a ‘Mermaid Scale’ Necklace for her. Last week I managed to finish up the cab and start a herringbone rope in 4 bead around but I really was not liking the way it was turning out( I usually do 6 bead around )…so I had decided to tear it apart and begin anew with the 6 bead around herringbone rope. So that is where I started my Monday off…re working on the rope of the necklace and by a little past mid afternoon, I was able to finish it off completely!! Now I am sure it is either on its way or almost reaching her in California-maybe she’s already gotten it😉. I can’t wait to see/hear from her and how she likes her new ‘pretty’…now she has one of her own just like her mama, aunt, grandmother, and others have-beaded by me-but for herself😍. Here are the final working pictures…hoping to get some pictures of her wearing it soon😉.

Final working picture

Now before we move on to the other WIP for this week, I’d like to show you one of the New Listings! This was the listing fromTuesday…I finally had gotten the chance to take & Edit pictures for the new Batman 5×7 Kawaii Art!! Here he is…Enjoy😉

Where I was late Monday

Now, how about we talk about the other WIP for this week!! I started this creation late Monday afternoon…the Kawaii Inspired Tigger 5×7 Art!! By Monday late afternoon I had 5 rows started and 230 beads put in and come Tuesday morning(being able to work a little more on it before going to bed) had 25 rows in and 1,150 beads…his ears are starting to take shape😃. I beaded through the day…pulling out rows of 5 and then beading them into the art…and got a total 45 rows completed & 2,070 beads!! By Wednesday morning, I had 50 rows and 2,300 beads in…I just love the way he is turning out so far!! I worked on him throughout the day and stopped at 70 rows & 3,220 beads…it was time to go and play bingo with the kids😉…I was hoping to maybe be able to do a few more rows before heading to bed that night and sure enough I got to do 10 more rows-making it 80 rows & 3,680 beads to kick off Thursday morning!! Just look at that cute face…😍. By the end of Thursday I had 100 rows in and 4,600 beads…it was so hard to design those stripes but I think I pulled them off…what do you think?!?! Now this morning, I am starting the day off with 115 rows and a little over 5K in beads!! He is such a cutie…let’s see how much I’ll get done today…REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan PageGoogle+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Now on to another listing for the week…this one is from Wednesday 😉. It is of the Spring Flowers 3×5 Beadwoven Art-it was from a July beadalong I did with my K~Max Klub😃. I framed it and then listed it and it’s now in my shop…Enjoy😉

How about we move on to another listing?!?! This is a listing for some of the current Kawaii designed 5×7 Arts as well as modified kawaii arts into bracelet patterns😁. This shows some of the newest ones just added this week, but if you click on the picture…it will take you to the pattern section of my shop where you can check out all of my listed patterns😉. Enjoy!!

On to some updates for my K~Max Klub 😃. I have been working this week on the new design for the August Bead along!!…It is something for Christmas and will be a 4×4 pattern😃. I am planning on putting out the design and bead numbers hopefully, on Monday 😉…but for now enjoy the patterns in the documents & remember…these are ONLY FREE to you as members of the K~Max Klub!! Also, I have an update from one of our members who recently finished doing the ‘Summer’ bracelet bead along!! Member Rache Lane posted in the Klub on Thursday showing her final results…and the backround in her picture even gives off that ‘Summer’ vibe😁. She did a really great job…keep up the awesome work and creativity everyone and please don’t be shy about posting your updates on any of the bead alongs…let’s keep inspiring each other and see all the different ways 1 pattern can take shape into many different takes😉💕. Here is Rache’s final picture of ‘Summer’ bracelet…Enjoy!!

Time to move onto some other news from me😃. I recently saw some of my new Kawaii Art patterns being made by some of my awesome customers/members and they have posted their results…I must say, they did an awesome job and their final works turned out wonderful!!! Karen Roberts did a kawaii 5×7 Squirt and Jessica Lane did a kawaii 5×7 of Maleficent…I will be showing you their works in a moment but first, I also have something else to show you all as well😉. Most of you know I have another passion…crocheting…and I have been crocheting up a storm as well as my beading!! I finished another blanket to gift a family or friend😉…and I’d like to show you the final blanket…I think it came out lovely and can’t wait to gift it!! So here you go…the Kawaii Arts made by Karen and Jessica and the blanket I made😃

It’s time to introduce you all to the Patterns/Kits for AUGUST!!   I just can’t believe how wonderfully these turned out😃. Are you all ready for some beautiful imagery/nature patterns?!?! I have to say…these are just wow!!  I love the lotus flowers, but I have to say I think the change of seasons pattern just might be my all time favorite design I have created…so much detail in a little 5×7 Art!!  I will be doing a Peyote Bracelet in a Box Kit with a new pattern( Lotus flowers in single drop peyote) for August and I have decided to do another 5×7 Art in a Bag Kit for August!! This month’s 5×7 Art pattern is a pattern in 2 drop peyote!!  Let me go ahead and tell you a little bit more about each individual kit with the important dates for availability 😃. 

Let’s begin with the Peyote Bracelet in a Box Kit! The Kit for August features beautiful Lotus Flowers in a ‘ying & yang’ look for the pattern!!  With each kit, each box will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed bracelet: A printed word chart (a color chart can be requested and be sent digitally), a needle, All Delica beads, plated bar ends and findings.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from July 29, 2020 until August 28, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by September 5, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with this kit!! Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!!

Now on to the Art in a Bag Kit!  The Art in a Bag Kit for August is a beautiful and inspiring ‘Changing of Seasons’ imagery pattern!!  With each kit, each bag will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed Art: A printed word chart (a color chart can be requested and be sent digitally), a needle, All Delica beads, and an appropriate sized canvas for mounting completed art.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from July 29, 2020 until August 28, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by September 5, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with this kit!! Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!! 

Wowsa!! What a week huh?!?! I had quite a bit to share with you all this week…I hope I have inspired all of you to go out and be creative in one way or another…you all inspire me with sharing with me your works of creativity and inspire me to do more!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and have an even better weekend!! I’ll be back with more next week…for my Klub members…keep an eye out for the new Bead along next week😉💕

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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