Weekly Updates on WIP’s, New Listings, Klub News, & Available Kits!!

Good Morning & Happy Friday🌞!! How is everyone doing this week?! For me, it has been an exciting and inspiring week!! Seeing some of my K~Max Klub members posting about projects they are working on is so very inspiring💕. This week I got to finish up one WIP and start another😃. I have one New listing to share with you all as well as some updates from the Klub!! What do you say…should we get started?!?

Where I started Monday off!!

Let’s start off with the WIP I was working on since the end of last week. If you have been following along, you’ll remember that I was working on the kawaii inspired 5×7 Mulan. I don’t know what happened on last Friday-my working photos never for posted, but between last Friday and the past weekend I was able to bead quite a bit on Mulan!! So, Monday I came back with 155 rows already done and a whopping 7,440 beads already put into Mulan!! I worked as much as I could throughout the day only stopping when it was time to take my son to an appointment-stopping at 175 rows and 8,400 beads!! By Tuesday morning (after being able to work a little bit more on it the night before) I kicked the day off with 185 rows and 8,880 beads…I can see I’m almost done and see the end of the pattern coming into view😉. By early evening that day, I was able to finish Mulan…204 rows and 9,792 beads!! I just love the way she turned out😍. What do you all think of her?!?! At that point, only thing left to do was to frame her and photograph her for a new listing😃…but I wasn’t able to get it done til the following day…here are some of the working photos for now 😁

Final working photos!!

How about I show you the New Listing for the week, before moving on to the new WIP?!?! Any guesses?!?! Should be a really easy guess😁. YUP!! It is the Kawaii Inspired Beadwoven 5×7 Art of Mulan!! I was able to get her framed on Wednesday and even take the photos for the listing! I put her in a wonderful frame that I believe enhances and compliments the beadwork even more!! She is ready to be hung or displayed in your favorite spot and would make a lovely gift for any Mulan Fan!! Here it is… Enjoy 😉!!

Where I started off on Wednesday!!

Now it’s time to talk about the other WIP for this week!! Wednesday was the day to start something new, so I started off with the first 5 rows and 240 beads with a hint of something already peeking out! I worked throughout the day and ended stopping at row 25 with 1,200 beads. At that point, you could see the glowing horns of Maleficent😁. Thursday morning came and I kicked off the day with an added extra 10 rows -putting me at 35 rows and 1,680!!! I pulled my rows out-5 at a time-beading through out the day and by days end I got to row 55 and 2,640 beads…her forehead is now showing through 😁. That now brings us to today-Friday!! Today I started out at row 65(after adding on another 10 rows the night before) with 3,120 beads!! WOW!! …just look at those eyebrows!! Let’s keep going and see where the day will end today…REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan PageGoogle+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Working photos of Maleficent 😃

Now, let’s take a look at some awesome K~Max Klub updates…shall we?!?! All the previous bead-alongs are in our Klub files…if you get a chance please share your progress on any or all of them😉. I am in the works of trying to make a pattern for our October bead-along…what kind of patterns do you all want to see and what type?!?! This week there are no new updates on any of the bead alongs- but there were a few members who showed me what they were working on and I’d like to share with you those works of arts to inspire everyone else too!! I believe also that the Klub page might have been fixed so anyone can post their own updates to the page-if you can give it a try!! Here are the pictures of all those who showed me what they were working on…enjoy and be inspired😃

That about wraps it up for this week but….Coming soon….on Monday the New available peyote bracelet kits & the 5×7 Artwork Kits! I can’t wait to show you all and hope you’ll love them as much as I do!! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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