Weekly Updates on WIP’s, New Listings, Klub News, & Available Kits!!

Welcome to Friday!!

Good morning and Happy Friday!! How has everyone’s week been?!?! Mine has been just wonderful!!…I am not sick anymore, feeling better and super happy to be working on my beads 😁. I feel like it has been another creative and busy week with finishing up the sample WIP of the 4×4 Art in a Bag and starting a new WIP…a bead-along with my K~Max Klub that we just started on Wednesday 😃. Along with those updates, I have some updates from my Klub, then something special that I want to share with you all from one of my customers who left me speechless with her kind words!! Then I’ll have the available kits to share with you…they will be available for a little bit longer…but good news is, that if you missed a kit/kits…you’ll have one more chance to scoop them up in the re-visit of past kits I’ll be doing in June!!😉

🤔 Hmm…what shall I start off with this week?!?! I think I will start off with something that just made my day and feel so grateful for the fans and kind of customers that I have!! One of my customers …Christina Nichole…posted on my fan page of a recent experience purchasing from me and I wanted to share it with all of you!!

She posted this last week! I have to tell you, she has blown me away with her words and the fact that instead of being mad at the little mishap, she was so thrilled with what had come out of it all!! I am so happy and blessed knowing that my works of art and jewelry combined have created so much joy and happiness for others. And in the end, that is all I want…to know that others find joy and happiness like I do while I am creating them!💕🥰🌸

Where I started off on Monday!!

Ok, with that said…let’s move on to some updates on the WIP’s for this week! At the end of last week and then the start of this week…I was working on the sample 4×4 Hibiscus flower art from May’s Art in a bag Kit. These flowers are turning out to be so bright, bold, & beautiful with these new neon delica beads!! Over the weekend, I managed to do a few rows from where I’d left off on the Friday past, but not too much, so Monday I started off at row 65 with a little over 2,470 beads…slowly through out the day pulling and adding 5 rows at a time to end the day with 85 rows(that’s a total of 20 rows!!) with 3,230 beads in. Tuesday I came back in the morning to do more and was even able to finish the hibiscus flower sample completely as well as get the final pictures done to be able to list it as a new listing in my shop for Wednesday…you’ll get to see that a little later on😉.

Ended on Tuesday-last working picture😁
Ended Monday night and began Tuesday 😃
Starting off on Wednesday

Before showing the new listing…let me tell you all a little bit about the current WIP that I am still working on and hoping to finish today! This WIP was started on Wednesday and is actually the new bead-along I am doing with my K~Max Klub members!! It is of a pattern that is like a pattern my mom used for my baby blankets 😊. It is a pattern of baby blocks in different shades, colors, and sizes. It will be interesting to see the colors that my members choose…when they finish, I will show off their work, but for now, let me show you all some of my working pictures 😉. By the way…I am currently starting off the day with 100 rows done and 1,800 beads in!! REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan PageGoogle+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

End of Thursday-beginning today!!
End of Wednesday

Now, it’s time to show you some updates from my K~Max Klub!! This week we started the new bead-along of the baby blocks-which I’ll show off next week😉. Today I have an update on a member who finished the Silhouette bracelet bead-along! I have to say what she did is so Cool!!-she decided to add a 3rd color to the 2 color pattern I created! She used the 3rd color to outline the front of the face in the silhouette and it came out really awesome!! I’m sure I’ll have more to show you all soon-I know I’m keeping everyone busy with these bead-alongs and as they keep coming in I’ll be showing everyone for some inspiration😉. For now though, let me show you the one update I have😁

Beaded by member Rache Lane

Alright! That’s a lot of things going on so far right!?!? Are you all ready to see the New listing for this week?!?! Well, here it is…none other then the ‘Hibiscus’ Beadwoven 4×4 Art sample From this month’s Art in a Bag Kit. If you have been following along on the progress of this creation, you’ll know that I used the 2 drop Peyote technique to create it and used new neon colored Delica beads to make the flowers so bright, bold, and beautiful and stand out!! It is 4 inches by 4 inches in size and is mounted to a 4×4 canvas-ready to be hung up or displayed any way you choose!! Would make a beautiful addition to any decor to brighten and beautify any space.

Want to make this a new addition to your home decor?!?!… Just click on the image to get it today!!

It’s time to introduce you all to the Patterns/Kits for May!! I just can’t believe how wonderfully these turned out😃. Are you all ready for some bright and vibrant colors?!?!  I have to say…these are just wow!!  I will be doing a Peyote Bracelet in a Box Kit with a new pattern( in single drop peyote) for May and I have decided to do another 4×4 Art in a Bag Kit for May!!  This month’s 4×4 Art pattern is a pattern in 2 drop peyote!!  Let me go ahead and tell you a little bit more about each individual kit with the important dates for availability 😃. 

Let’s start with the Peyote in a Box Kit!!  For May’s Kit, I decided to go with a pattern that is bright, bold, & fun!!  A Bright Butterfly…With this kit, each box will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed bracelet: A printed word chart In single drop peyote (a color chart can be requested and be sent digitally), a needle, All Delica beads, plated bar ends and findings.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from April 29, 2020 until May 28, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by June 5, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with this kit!! Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!!

Want to make this wonderful Beadwoven Bracelet Kit?!?!… Just click on the image to get your kit today!!

Next, let’s talk about the Art in a Bag Kit for May!!  I decided to do another 4×4 pattern this month!!  The New pattern I have chosen for this kit this month is of Bright, Bold, Beautiful Hibiscus Flowers!!😃. This Kit is a Monthly Bag kit from Krafty Max Originals and each Bag kit will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed 4×4 wall art which will contain the following: Printed word chart pattern(in 2 drop peyote), All Delica beads and a 4×4 canvas to mount your finished Beadwoven Art work on.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from April 29, 2020 until May 28, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by June 5, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with this kit!! Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!!

Would you like to make this beautiful Art kit?!?!… Just click on the image to get your kit today!!

That’s a wrap!! That is all I have for you today…I hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing all that has been going on with me and my Klub this week! I will have more news and updates for next week so keep an eye out😉. Soon I’ll have information for you about upcoming re-visit of the monthly kits and maybe another K~Max Klub Bead-along!!-so make sure you stay tuned to find out!! Last but not least…THANK YOU!!-to all my fans and customers who make all this possible and for giving me inspiration to keep going with my joy and passion of bead weaving💕🥰😍🌸

Happy Friday Everyone and Enjoy your weekend!!
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