What’s New Wednesday 8/6/14 (ME!, Laydbug and Angry Sisters)

So, have you been able to keep up with me? I think my life is getting busier by the minute!!  Yesterday I finished the necklace I was working on, but I didn’t get enough time to actually do a mini photo shoot to list it…I will try to get it all done today.  But, finishing one creation means that I get to start a new one!!
But first, many of you are aware that I am trying to loose weight.  I am now on a Doctor regulated medication and really watching what I am eating!! So, even though these aren’t in the same outfits, you can see that in the last 3 months…..I have lost….. 35+ pounds!!!!  YEP!! I am so proud and motivated!!!
 So, yesterday I finished this necklace…
And today I get to start this one!!  This is an amazing hand painted center was made fro me by my dear friend Ms. Elfie from Painting from the Heart.  I actually got 3 beautiful centers from her, but I’ll show them off later!!
Only a couple of days left to enter, but remember, their are daily entries!! And, no matter where you enter, they will all go into the same drawing!!
This one might be one that you have already seen, but for me, it is one of my ultimate favorites!!
For those of you that would like to help Krafty Max Originals Grow, there are still a few days left.  It only takes a $1 pledge!!  If you can, pass around the site too, and let me say, THANK YOU right up front!
 As I tell you more about Kristen Gandy & Robin Thigpen from Angry Sisters Natural Body Products  please remember that I PERSONALLY have tried these products and I ENDORSE them!! 
They have told me that not only are they having fun experimenting with new smells and combinations, for them, it is very relaxing too.  How can you be stressed out after you have made something these wonderful soaps, scrubs and bath salts? 
One of the other things I noticed (and appreciated) is that they’re prices are very budget friendly!! And they has many SMALL products that you could TRY OUT before you go ‘all in’ on the smell.  Most of their items are well under what you would pay in the stores – and the quality is so much better!
You can find them on-line at Facebook.com/angrysistersnatural or at etsy.com/shop/angrysistersnatural,  but if you live in the North East Florida area they will make arrangements to either have you pick-up or meet them for delivery in the area.  You’ll need to watch their FB page for dates and times!! 
Oh, did I mention the Bug Spray (all natural, of course) and the Pillow spray?? Well, I guess you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out more!!


Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius
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4 Responses

  1. I must have missed out on you making this Owl necklace. That is really pretty!

    • Krafty Max

      THank you very much!!! 🙂 ~KM

  2. annas04

    congratulations on your weight loss!!! I hope that we can try your campaign to build your biz again. Summer is almost over and people will be back on more. Have a great week

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you so much @Anna. Yes, I am going to try it again, and I haven’t lost hope! 🙂 ~KM