Wonderful Wednesday 10/3/12

Yesterday I was able to get a little bit of beading done, but most of it was actually ‘ripping out’, not beading!!  The one thing that is very difficult for me to do is the size of the first 2-4 rows on any centerpiece that I am working on.  There is this ‘fine line’ where each row has to be JUST RIGHT.  Too loose and it will gap and wont lay right.  TOO tight and when you go to put it on the center it wont fit.  It literally comes down to one bead to many or one bead to small!  No matter how many times I do this process – because the stones are all different in size and thickness – there really is no magic formula to work these ‘bead combinations’ out…. oh, how I wish there was!  
So here it is…. several ‘riping out’ and ‘starting over’ rows later!!  Remember, you can always watch this grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page.
And, on top of all that I also was able to do a new listing for today.  This one is FUN and simple;and can be worn SEVERAL ways. 

Pink Pearls and Square Delight Necklace Set

And then there is this amazing collection that I am included in;
Of course that also inspired me to make one of my own collections…. MUSTACHES anyone???
And of course, I have a featured artist; larrysartdirect.  Although there isn’t much about this artist on his bio I still wanted to feature his AMAZING art.  I just love this one.  I have actually driven on Route 66 across some of the United States and for me – this is what I saw!  I know that everyone sees different things, but in my mind this is ‘middle’ America at it’s best!!  Please go check out his studio and see some of the other great creations he has!  And remember, support handcrafted artists whenever you can!
Chevy Farm Four of a Kind
A closing thought for today;

Remember that half the joy of achievement is in the anticipation.
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