Twisted Tuesday’s

For me, this really is a Twisted Tuesday.  My life seems to be a bit twisted this week.  I have just little issues that seem to mix things up – like what day I do laundry on!   So, with all … Read More

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KM – What is your favorite book?

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The question this week is: What is your favorite book? (If you choose the Bible, be specific and name a certain book of the Bible.)  Let us know why it is your favorite and why you think it would be … Read More

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Monster Monday’s

This monster is a little bit scary, but I love him just the same!  The shop is a wonderful shop called, Gashly Crumb Tentacles Monster Adoption Society, and their story is great too.  Although I have not held one of … Read More

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oh happy Treasury!

Thank you so much to Sparkling Fantasy for including my Burgundy and Gold Elegance Necklace in this wonderful treasury.  Please check it out, click and comment…thank you and enjoy!Preview

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Solace Sunday’s

What a beautiful weekend this has been!  The weather has been perfect, the family has little to no commitments and we are all happy and together.  It has been a few weeks since we have been able to enjoy each … Read More

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Today’s Bead Show

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So, today, I went to a Bead Show…. …and found these wonderful beads.  The tubes are full of cubes…ya hooo…sometime hard to find at shows.  Most the others are faceted gemstones or glass.   I left about 6 things out of … Read More

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Social Saturday’s

You know, often when I am looking around Etsy I find so many wonderful artist it is hard to pick just one to feature.  This morning though, this one simply flew out at me and just needed to be shown … Read More

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Frantic Friday

Frantic Friday is just that this week!!!  It is a Friday the 13th!!  OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!  Who IS superstitus??   I am not really, but it makes the day fun! After searching ETSY, I found these wonderful little birds.  They are … Read More

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Thirsty Thursday

After a relatively lazy day yesterday I guess it is ‘back to reality’.  Looking around Etsy I found this wonderful artist, Pate Ceramics.  I just love this pet bowl with the word THIRSTY in the bottom.  It looks very sturdy … Read More

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Happy Veteran’s Day

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This veteran’s day I would like to wish all those who have, are, or will serve in our military a happy and enjoyable day.  For all those who have lost someone in any military conflict, peace. And to for everyone … Read More

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