Fabulous Friday 8/17/12

Today is fabulous is so many ways.  
I am so excited about school starting next week!!  My youngest will be starting 2nd grade, my oldest daughter will be starting 7th grade and my oldest son is happily engaged and ‘living the life’!!  
BOY, do I feel old!!!  
But, I just have to show off!!  
Yesterday was Aye’s Orinetation and Monster and I went to get him a hair cut while she was there… here is how they looked yesterday!!
oh boy, am I in trouble!!!
Then, there is today’s newest listing!!  I think I am getting ready for fall!!!
Today I want to feature ColorsbyLiza.  This talented artist takes something that is plain and makes it beautiful!!  by her own words, “A fusion of art and fashion to compliment each individual’s style by making a statement without saying a word.”.  And boy is that right on!!  Please go visit her studio and take a look at ALL the amazing creations!  This one just seems to speak to me!?!?  And remember, support handmade artists.
 Metal Card Case Metal Wallet Gold Turquoise Peacock Inspired Jewel Embellished Business Card Case Hand Painted Enamel Finish
And now, to leave you with a thought for today;
” Let others say what they want, because it doesn’t mean anything unless you let it mean something.”
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2 Responses

  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    Boy, you can see BOTH your kid’s personalities shining right on through! That’s awesome, especially for your daughter who is hitting a critical age and grade.

    BTW, L.O.V.E those shoes! ^.^

    That new listing of yours definitely screams Fall! 🙂

  2. Krafty Max

    Thank you!! I am always so surprised they are both so much like me and yet SOOO different at the same time!!