Monster Monday’s

Well, this Monster Monday I thought I would show you this wonderful Etsy shop that I found…they not only only sell these wonderful Monsters, but they also sell the patterns if you want to make them yourself.  I love my beads, and I know how to knit, but….I don’t think i could do these….I have no patience for knitting!!!  Just think, you could get one of these for your Christmas party to give to your boss, or even to a ‘favorite’ aunt!!! 
Ha-Ha LOL!!! 
I am showing you two different Monsters, mainly because I couldn’t choose which one I licked the best!  Enjoy your Monster Monday!!! ~KM
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  1. Surfie

    Those are cute! I don’t know how to knit, and I’m sure even if I did I wouldn’t have the patience for making these.