Taken Thursday

Here is another collection that I am quiet TAKEN with……thank you so very much to TheGemmedGiraffe for including my work in this RED Porcelain Collection.  What an honor, this work is all so very beautiful!  Please visit the collection and leave a comment….don’t forget to rate it with 5 STARS, please!  Below the collection is one of TheGemmedGiraffe bracelets that I really like from her studio.  Isn’t it beautiful??
Handmade Jewelry

The closer I get to Halloween the more I am taken with some of the ART that is done for that holiday.  Today I am torn, so I will show you two of my favorites from the SpoiledBratzwear studio.  I just couldn’t decide which one I liked best!!! Please check them all out and let her know where you found out about this wonderful artist!! 

Be TAKEN with something or someone today,
and make it a great day!  ~KM
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