Weekly Updates on WIP’s, New Listings, Klub News & Available Kits!!

Good. Morning & Happy Friday ☀️!! This has been such a great week full of HAPPY beading and moving along from one great WIP to another then, even getting two new listings up this week!! The November kits are up as well, as of last week and then have some news/updates in my K~Max Klub😃. I’m so excited and had so much fun this week beading…I think we should just get right to it…don’t you?!?!

Where I started on Monday

Let’s begin with the ‘Knome’ sample WIP that I started at the end of the previous week😃. If you have been following me, you’ll know that this is the sample for November’s Peyote Bracelet in a Box Kit and is a Knome (k instead of g like how I spelled KraftyMax)😁. Last week I left you all with a total of 90 rows done, 1,620 beads, and some rows into the i one’s beard😃. Unfortunately I was unable to work on him that much over the past weekend but I did manage to add on a few sets of 10 rows in and so I started off my Monday off with 120 rows, 2,160 beads, and about halfway done with his beard now. At this point, there was only 46 more rows to go…I pulled my rows of sets of 10 working along all day Monday and wouldn’t you know…I was able to finish him by the days end!!! For a grand total of 166 rows and 2,988 beads…lots of greens and grays with som white & brown-think he’s an ‘Earthly’ colored Knome who’ll be great at gardening😃💕. Now he’s done…time to show you some of the working pictures!!

The last of the working photos!

Now, before going on to the next WIP, let me introduce you to one of the new listings for this week that I put up on Monday!! This one I finished last week but was not able to get the final photos and edits done until the weekend😃. This new listing is none other than the ‘Panda 5×7 Beadwoven Art Sample’ for the Nov 2020 kit!! Just look at all that cuteness and how life-like he looks!! He is mounted onto a canvas and cannot be removed…and all ready to be hung or be displayed in your favorite stand!! A perfect gift for nature/animal lovers/collectors 😉. Get this one that is already to go or if you prefer you can grab the kit this month and make one yourself 😉. Grab this OOAK finished Art while you can…Enjoy😃.

Where I began Tuesday!!

Next up….the start of a new day and new WIP!! Tuesday morning I came back and decided to start off with something new and different 😁. It was time to work out on a Necklace set…pinks and oranges!! Something bright and bold…with one of my favorite things-dragonflies😍. I started off with building the walls up with a bright orange 11/0 delicas using Peyote stitch…my most favored stitch besides the herringbone😉. I worked throughout the day and got the main part of the bezel completed by adding on some bright pink seed beads in size 15/0 to close & tighten the bezel around the front and even got the row on to add fringe later on😃. That night, I wasn’t able to do too much but I did add on a little more…tightening up a bit more around the front with orange 15/0 seed beads & 11/0 Delica beads to design and frame around the dragonfly even more!! So Wednesday morning I came back with that being done and just adding the fringe…something a bit different then I normally do😉. I worked all day adding 2 hole beads around the bezel for fringe-wasn’t sure how it would look and if it would work but it did!! I just love the look it gives…and those pinks and oranges together are just gorgeous!! For me, since I am a red head-this is not a good color combo on me, but I just love the color combo together and how it works perfectly for this set I am making…Yep, there’s even more to come besides a necklace!! I have 2 more smaller cabs that will be turning into earrings!! By the end of Wednesday I had the rest of the main bezeled cab done and got to start one of the earrings. By Thursday morning, one earring was done and I was just starting in the second one!! While working on these earrings, I decided that I would be adding sterling silver studs to the back of them-that it would be the best way to go for these earrings😃. After getting both the earrings bezeled, I decided to add even more to them…so by the end of Thursday I had the earrings done ( with added fringe on bottom using more 2hole beads and seed beads) and the cab for the necklace all set, except the strap & getting the sterling silver studs on for the earrings…that was all left until Friday-today!! So yep, today I began with the strap-a herringbone strap done in pink and orange Delica beads😃. This is what I’ll be working on today-hoping to finish it off today but I will have to leave early today to set up for the Art Festival!! REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan PageGoogle+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos! For here are some of the working photos to enjoy in case you missed some😉.

some of the working photos 😃

Just a little fun fact before we move on to the next new listing for the week😉. As you all know, Wednesday was Veterans Day-did you all know that I served when I was younger?!?! Yep!!!! I sure did & my husband has over 25 years in the military and he’s still going!! I am very proud to be a veteran and so very proud of my husband who is still serving his country!!

Me!! In Navy Boot Camp!!

Now, it’s time for the next new listing!! Can you guess what it is?!?! If you guessed the ‘Knome Sample Beadwoven Bracelet’ for the Nov 2020 Kit…then you got it!! This would make the cutest gift for any gnome lover you know…or even for yourself!! It’s perfect and ready to wear…or if you prefer to make your own, you can do that too!! This is after all, the kit for this month…come over and grab your kit or this already made one!! Enjoy!!

On another side note…you might have heard me say or mention an Art Festival that I am getting packed up and ready to go to😃. This weekend 11/14-11/15 I will be attending the Art Festival @ One Daytona!! If you are in the area -I’d love for you all to come visit me and check out what I will have available 😃. In case you missed it…here is the info on the Festival!!

Now on to my K~Max Klub News & Updates!! As some of you know, who are members, the November bead-along bead numbers and counts & picture has been up since last week😃. I did this to give time for those who might need to order beads…but as of today, I have put up the first 50 rows of the bead-along on our Klub page!! The next 50 rows I Olán on putting up sometime early next week😉. Have you all see what my friend/ helper posted on the Klub page?!?! Jessica has been busy-not on the October bead-along but with patterns/kits that she got in September!! She finished working on the 5×7 Poinsettias and the Christmas ribbon bracelet (she kept it as a hanging) z😃. In case you missed seeing her share her work…I wanted to share it here with you all…so here is a photo of the 2 kits she completed!! Don’t forget you can all share with us and inspire us too😉😉

Great Job Jessica L!!

I am so excited to introduce you all to the New November Kits!!!  I just can’t believe how wonderfully these turned out😃. For November I decided to change things up and create a knome 2 drop Peyote pattern for the Peyote Bracelet in a box kit.  Then I created a wonderful nature scene of a Panda-also in 2 drop Peyote-as the pattern for the 5×7 Art in a Bag Kit.  Let me go ahead and tell you a little bit more about each individual kit with the important dates for availability 😃. 

Let’s begin with the Peyote Bracelet in a Box Kit! The Kit for November features an Earthly Knome(gnome- thought it would be cute-you know like Krafty😉) for the pattern!!  With each kit, each box will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed bracelet: A printed word chart (a color chart can be requested and be sent digitally), a needle, All Delica beads, plated bar ends and findings.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from October 29, 2020 until November 30, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by December 7, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with this kit!! Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!!

Now on to the Art in a Bag Kit!  The Art in a Bag Kit for November features a wonderful Panda sitting and reaching for some yummy bamboo!!  With each kit, each bag will contain everything you need to create a Krafty Max Originally designed Art: A printed word chart (a color chart can be requested and be sent digitally), a needle, All Delica beads, and an appropriate sized canvas for mounting completed art.  Kit dates are as follows: Available from October 29, 2020 until November 30, 2020 and then Kits will be mailed on or by December 7, 2020.   A little FYI about kits…The PATTERN is ONLY available with this kit!! Delica Bead colors are subject to availability!! 

Wow!! What a week, right?!?! It has been a wonderful week of beading and inspiration!! I am hoping all of you also had a great week and will come and share on my pages what you have been working on…I’m off to get ready for the festival-maybe I’ll see some of you there😉😃. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week with more!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!
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