Working Wednesday

As I started looking for a featured artist to go with my theme I found this amazing wood artist.  Dave from mountainbrookstore not only has a truly beautiful product, but also a great story that you can read on his Bio Page.   I choose this artist for a very specific reason.  
When you are working along this week you should take a little note about the DETAIL of your marketing.  Having DETAIL in all of your creations is easy, most of us are already doing that, it is the DETAIL of your packaging that I am talking about today. My dear friend at ApronsbyMeMe takes great care with her packaging.  She gently and carefully folds each item, then places them in a mailer with either some tissue paper or a frosted bag.  An invoice with a personal note is included along with her card and then the packages are sent out in a timely manner and arrive in wonderful condition.  Those little details really make the difference. 

I have received some purchases with nothing – not even an invoice or business card – and some that come lovely packaged along with their own box and a thank you card.  Remember, this is sometimes your first and last impression that you give this customer.  Think about what your customer will FEEL when they open that package and what your attention to DETAIL will mean to them.

Please don’t forget to visit mountainbrookstore and read about their adventure.  

Pay attention today to every DETAIL!  ~KM
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  1. Doris Sturm

    Oh, thanks for letting me know. I never send an invoice, but I always send my business card (or other thank you note!) I must remember to include an invoice too.

    Have a WONDERFUL day, my friend. Christmas is almost here!